The Problem

Perry HiWay Hose Company sent out a request for proposals to ad agencies to help them recruit new members. Engel O’Neill answered. General research and client input determined that the target audience was men and women who felt a “calling” to the medical field and to help others. A main benefit voiced by current members was the comradery experienced among volunteers.

Services Provided

The Solution

A multimedia campaign using members in broadcast and print messages with “Join Us” as a call to action. Specifics included:

  • The agency recommendation to get the URL and to develop that website as the go-to reference for volunteer details.
  • Production and media placement of four TV and radio spots using heartfelt statements from Perry HiWay members.
  • Digital advertising and Facebook live demonstrations aimed at a target age group, supported by direct mail postcards sent to the geographic area around Perry HiWay Hose stations.
Perry Hi-Way Hose Co. - Join Us
Perry Hi-Way Hose Co. - Answer Your Calling Perry Hi-Way Hose Co. - Answer Your Calling Perry Hi-Way Hose Co. - Answer Your Calling

The Results

Dozens expressed interest, 13 signed up and 8 became Perry HiWay volunteers – a very good response according to the client.

In addition, TV news felt the campaign was worth covering as a news story; resulting awareness was said to have helped all area volunteer fire departments in terms of appreciation and some new member support. Current members reported great comments and voiced appreciation for their service, which supported a member retention goal as well.