The Problem

Once every three years Erie is visited by billowing sails. A sight like no other, Erie would host the biggest tall ships festival occurring on the Great Lakes that year. Through fierce PR efforts and a calculated digital strategy, Engel O’Neill helped spread the word of this event across PA in efforts to increase ticket sales and maximize this fundraiser.

Services Provided

The Solution

A combination PR and digital strategy was created to help maximize reach and frequency, drawing in crowds from areas deep in PA, from Pittsburgh to Johnstown.

  • Traditional and digital media were purchased to expand reach.
  • Press releases were sent out monthly, then weekly to generate interest for the upcoming event.
  • PR was gained on Pittsburgh television, Pittsburgh Today on KDKA-CBS for exclusive coverage and promotion of the event
Tall Ships Ticket Booth Tall Ships event Tall Ships signage Tall Ship photo

The Results

30,000 tickets sold, an increase of 10,000 over the previous event year.